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You Are Good Enough!

 Do you compare yourself with others?


Remember that! Oftentimes being a mother leads to comparisons.

Whose baby is better behaved at mommy and me groups?

Who is the best volunteer at your children’s nursery co-op?

Who participates the most at your kid’s school?

Who seems to have a handle on their kids the most?

I was somewhat guilty of that, but I am not a judgy person and with all the stuff going on in my own life I had no right to criticize others -so I did my best not to.

I think I mostly criticized myself as not being good enough to an ideal I had created for myself on what was good enough.

It was a horrible way to live and created a lot of guilt and anxiety.

I think if your kids have food, a roof over their head, are clean most of the time and have your unconditional love then you have done a half decent job.

Everything else is a bonus.

You are good enough.

You are enough and if anyone tries to tell you differently, you talk to me or a friend or someone you know has your back and they will get you straightened out.

Here is another post I wrote to encourage you.

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