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Local Businesses and Resources


Re-Max Realtor

We have had a great experience working with Cindy to help our clients with selling their homes.

Royal LePage State Realty

It has been a good partnership working with Jennifer and Kevin to help our clients getting their homes ready to sell.

The Ladies of Royal LePage

Royal LePage State Realty

Our team recommends the Ladies of Royal Le Page who work in Hamilton and Area as Senior Real Estate Specialists.

Facebook: @LadiesRLP

Instagram: ladiesrlp


Window Coverings

Design Consultant - Matalino Home

Dale Murphy is a Design Consultant with Matalino Home. They provide custom-made window coverings to suit your style and budget. From the initial consultation to the professional installation, they take pride in their clients’ satisfaction. Serving Mississauga to Hamilton.

Cleaning Services

Flores Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Flores Cleaning Services is one of our cleaning partners who help us get clients home ready for selling.

Follow them on Instagram.

Local Charities

Salvation Army

Donation Centre

Salvation Army is our go-to place to drop off donations when we help our clients sort through their belongs. It’s good to know we are helping to keep more out of the landfill.

Mission Thrift Store

Donation Centre

Mission Thrift Store is another great place for us to take donations that can give loved items a 2nd home.


Moving Company

Clutter Relief Services is pleased to partner with Morrison Moving, award winning Hamilton Movers.

Non-Profit Services

Helping people battling cancer

This is a community-based, not-for-profit organization offering free services for individuals and families affected by cancer, living in the greater region of Hamilton and surrounding communities

Facebook: @CancerAssistanceProgram

Twitter: @Cancer_Assist

Instagram: @cancer_assist

LinkedIn: Cancer Assistance Program

Corporate website:

Virtual Gala website:

Home Share

Housemate Agency

At Home Share Alliance our experienced team guides Home Share Hosts into finding and keeping the right housemate.

Get in touch with Tara McEwen.

Follow her on Instagram.

Professional Organizers


Professional Organizers of Canada

I have been a part of POC for 10 yrs.  I have made so many great friends and learned so much over the years attending meetings and conferences. I was the Director of Finance for 2 yrs for the National Board and now in my 2nd yr as co-programming coordinator for our Halton-Peel chapter. I feel truly blessed to be part of the POC and encourage any and all Canadian organizers to join. 

Coaching Services

Anita Kaiser

Business Success & Wellness Coach

For many of us we miss the energetic component that comes from clutter.

The toll that it takes on your mental health and wellness. As you begin to clear things out it may uncover other issues that you could use some additional emotional support with.

Creating a soft landing for you as you find your way to emotional wellness is where Anita services come in. Book a no obligation chat and see if Anita can give you the support you need through this transition.

Here is a link to this article on Anita’s blog.

Check out this Insight Timer for meditations.

Find Anita on Instagram.

Online Auction

Online Auction

See our last 17 Online Auctions since 2019.

Judy Rickey – Clutter Relief Services
Judy Rickey – Clutter Relief Services
Mary Pat

What a life altering experience! Judy will change your way of thinking about STUFF and what we value. But she always has time for sentimentalists and family memories.

Mary Pat

What a life altering experience! Judy will change your way of thinking about STUFF and what we value. But she always has time for sentimentalists and family memories.

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