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When your client doesn’t have the time or energy or mobility to prep their home for sale, call on us to help!

With our team of Professionals we can help prep the home and work with the clients in a timely fashion.  We can take items to charities for donation or help sell online or hold an online auction (this process takes app 2.5 weeks). We can take items to the local transfer station such as hazardous waste, ewaste, excess recycling and garbage. If there is a large amount we can have our junk removal company come and take it from your home/driveway. 

Once all the excess is removed that the homeowner no longer wants or needs, then we can work on staging (or prestaging if you have a stager already).

 Our team can help pack up items that will not be needed in the next few months and store either in a storage room, a garage or even a pod or storage unit.  We can take down old window coverings and pack away any personal memorabilia.  We even have team members that can repair or put up new light fixtures, artwork, hardware and who can do painting as well.  Then our cleaning service can come in before the pictures and have everything cleaned up and ready to list.

With Judy’s project management skills and resources, your client only needs to deal directly with one or two team members.  We are very respectful and compassionate while also trying to meet the needs of all parties.

Having Clutter Relief Services as your partner will get your client more money for their homes as we showcase what their home has to offer rather than what distracting objects are in the home and making it look smaller.  By reclaiming as much space as possible your future buyer can easily envision themselves in the space or see what needs to be updated.

Judy is also available to speak to your realty office online or in person on ways to help your senior or overwhelmed clients.

Clients referred to by a Partner Realtor will receive a Free Assessment (Please contact to receive gift certificate to provide to your clients).

We also have special pricing for Realtors who want to help pay for our services.  You will receive $70 off when you give your clients a 4 hr session and we have gift certificates for those as well.

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