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Help For Families & Individuals

Do you need a professional organizer?

Are you a Double Income Household or Run your Own Business and just don’t have time to keep yourself organized? Did the organizing gene miss you and you need weekly or monthly maintenance to keep everything in order?

So many families are so busy with kids and jobs and activities and laundry and meal preparation that clutter just accumulates. We can have you organized in a matter of hours. We can find homes for all the belongings you need and love and then you just have to keep them there.

Also, because you’re busy, we can help your retired relatives downsize and prepare their homes for sale too!

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Help For Seniors


Is your home full of belongings you no longer need or want?

Has the size of the house or the stairs become too much for you to handle?

Is your family too busy with their own lives or live too far away to be able to help?

Is it time someone else did the cooking and cleaning and you lived in a smaller space so you have time to enjoy other activities such as traveling or hobbies?

Our professional organizing team is dedicated, compassionate, friendly, hardworking and non-judgemental and we love helping seniors.

Let us help you determine what is most important and what you can fit into your new space (or just right size the space you have).

We will declutter your home and prepare it for sale. You will feel good knowing that other people will be able to use the items you no longer need. Perhaps you even have enough to hold an online auction which will help you pay for our services.

Then we can pack, label and unpack and find new homes for all your important belongings. When you are ready to move or just declutter your space, call on us to help you out.

Feel great about having your home look its best for sale.

professional organizer for estate management, moving

Help For Estates

Have you been left an estate and are just too overwhelmed to even know where to start? Are you busy with your own life or live too far away to clear it out?

Our team of professional organzers will separate all your important items and memories for you to go through later. Or we can go through the home with you and determine what belongings the family needs to keep.  Then we can pack up those items carefully for you and ship them if necessary.

If there are enough items in good condition, we would suggest doing an online auction to get rid of a lot of it. This option can help pay for our services. Otherwise, feel good knowing that your unwanted things will be going to help others in need.

We will go through every nook and cranny in your home and separate waste (garbage, recyclables, e-waste, metal and hazardous) and donations. We can also bring items to local consignment stores for you. Then, we can clean the home and help you locate a great realtor and stager so that you can sell the home quickly.

Let our professional organizing team take the stress out of your hands and take care of everything for you while you take care of yourself and your family.

decluttering services

Families & Individuals

  • Declutter once and develop organizing systems that work for you or rely on our team to help you on a regular, monthly basis to work on a different area each time or maintain the spaces we have organized.
  • Benefit from 1-on-1 help making decisions
  • Find new functionality in your home
  • Get your home ready for renovation or sale
  • Environmentally conscious business –we recycle paper, plastic, metal and dispose of e-waste and hazardous waste appropriately. We donate to charities in your area depending on type of donations but most often to The Salvation Army
  • Feel happier and more relaxed in your newly organized home
  • Feel good about what you have accomplished

 senior downsizing picture

Senior Downsizing

  • Clutter Relief Services is ideal for seniors who need to downsize, especially when family members live far away or have hectic schedules
  • Benefit from a caring eye of a professional organizer in sorting your belongings
  • Get thoughtful coaching on determining what is most valuable to you
  • Sit back and let us do the heavy lifting, recycling, and donating
  • Relax while we clean and package special items for relatives
  • We can also organize downsizing online auctions to help pay for our services and find the right buyers for your special belongings
  • Help with referring other services such as cleaning, handyman, painting, moving, researching, taking to appointments (Hamilton/Burlington area only)
  • We can rent a truck for donations or dump trips, hire a junk removal company or rent a junk bin

estate management photo

Estate Management

  • A professional organizer will go through the estate with you and determine what needs to be kept and by whom and then arrange for cleaning, packing and delivery of these items
  • Help in making the decision if organizing and preparing for an online auction would benefit you and help pay for the cost of clearing out the estate
  • Lighten your load by letting us take care of charity drop offs
  • Find value through our expert assistance with consignment selling
  • Help arrange for other service people to prepare home for sale
  • Recommend Real Estate Agents and Stagers for you to choose from that align with our values
  • Arrange for a Photo Organizer to go through photos, slides, videos, computer discs and preserve all those memories into one convenient location that can be seen by all
  • Completely clear out the home from years of piling up in every nook and cranny and have it cleaned and looking it’s best
  • Benefit from clear expectations and communication


Moving Services


A professional organizer can help with moving and packing services

Packing Services

  • A professional organizer and their team can pack up your belongings as we declutter.
  • We will pack and properly label boxes for your new space of items you are not currently using. We can then store these boxes in a storage room/basement/garage or offsite while you have your home staged and sold.
  • We will then return to finish packing and decluttering and clear your home to prepare for moving day (why take items you won’t need to your new home?)
  • We will make an Open First Tote with all necessary items close at hand
  • Any precious or expensive items are recommended to be moved in your vehicle
  • We will make sure all items not needed are disposed of or donated appropriately


hire a professional organizer for unpacking services photo

Unpacking Services

  • The professional organizer and their team can be there moving day to start unpacking your belongings into your new home
  • We can purchase or suggest organizing products to get your new home off to a great start
  • We will remove or recycle all packing materials
  • We can arrange for picture hanging and shelf hanging services and painters if needed
  • We can properly label all storage so the whole family can easily find things
  • If joining homes, we can help decide on which items to keep and which to donate

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