Decluttering Tips

During this time when most people are in their home more, here are 4 simple things to help with decluttering in your home:

  • Date your preserves and always put the newest ones on the back of your shelves
  • If you are not going to use up all your preserves, give them away to friends and family before they go bad
  • When you replace artwork with new/updated pieces, do not store old stuff but rather give to a charity or a consignment store as it is no longer your style
  • Make sure you only display things around your house that you or your family LOVE -otherwise let it go, even if it was a gift or an heirloom. You can always take a picture for a memory.

If you would like help with more ideas for decluttering, watch one of my YouTube videos. 

Here is another blog I wrote to help you with organizing your home.

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