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Do you feel comfortable in your own home? Do you have space to relax and clear your head? Are there rooms in your home you dread entering and just not sure how to start? Let our team help you reclaim your space with our organizing services! No need to buy a bigger home, just to organize and simplify the one you have now.

Downsizing your home? Moving? Clearing an estate?

Lacking time, energy or support or have trouble making decisions? Have you been left with the burden of clearing a loved one’s estate and not sure where to start? Are you on your own now in a home much too large for your needs? Let our compassionate, knowledgeable and friendly team of guide you through the whole process from decluttering to finding a real estate agent to packing and unpacking. Call 905-973-3063 to get started.

About Judy Rickey

Judy Rickey, the owner of Clutter Relief Services, started offering organizing services professionally in 2010. She is raising two daughters and lives on the mountain in Hamilton ON. With her BA in psychology and her life experiences, Judy is uniquely equipped to handle all types of clients and situations. In her past career she owned a home daycare for 6 years and has an E.C.E. Diploma as well, which helps when decluttering children and play rooms.  She helps assist clients with their emotional attachment to items in a kind and respectful way.

Judy was the Director of Finance from Nov 2017-Nov 2019 for the National Board of Directors of the Professional Organizers of Canada (P.O.C.). She is also an active member of the Halton-Peel Chapter of the P.O.C. since 2011

Getting Started

Get a free email or phone estimate! Or pay $75 to book a 60-minute in-home assessment. (Only $25 for Seniors over 65 within 45 min of Hamilton).

Clutter Relief Services will come tour your space and consult with you in detail on your unique organizing services, decluttering, senior downsizing or moving needs. We service the Hamilton, Halton, Flamborough, Mississauga and Niagara regions.

Contact us to book today and know that soon, the stress of too much clutter or moving will be gone with the help of our organizing services.

I would definitely recommend Judy and her professional team from Clutter Relief Services. She recently offered an amazing presentation to our military community with tips and information for all to use. We were all very impressed with the quality of information, attention to detail and expertise that she offers to all of her clients. Once again…Clutter Relief Services is highly recommended to anyone👌  

Donna, Hamilton

In sad circumstances, we found ourselves needing to prepare for sale the home of a loved one.  The task was a daunting one during that difficult time.  Calm and compassionate, Judy quickly developed a detailed plan with us. Having a wide range of resources and expertise at her fingertips, meant that she was able to tailor the project to our specific needs and tight timeline.  

The team members that Judy brought to the home were all professional, kind, and immensely respectful. When items of value were discovered, team members consulted immediately with us and they had a “discerning eye” for items that might be of significance or particularly meaningful. Not wanting to add unnecessarily to land fill, it was important to us that, as much as possible, household contents would find new homes. 

It was tremendously reassuring to find Clutter Relief shared these values. During the hours of work undertaken on those long hot days, Judy cared for her colleagues and was clearly mindful of safety and wellbeing for all.

What originally seemed overwhelming quickly became “doable” and then rapidly “done”.  Simply could not have “done” it without Clutter Relief!

Carolynn, Dundas

I cannot say enough GOOD THINGS about Clutter RELIEF Services. When you are in your Senior Years & it is time to downsize make that call to Clutter RELIEF SERVICES.

Believe me, you will not be sorry. You will sleep better at night. Judy Rickey & her team are amazing. She helps through the stress of one of life changes.

Thank you, Judy”

Arlene, Hamilton

I recently decided I needed to look into some type of decluttering service, about 6 months prior I began to empty closets that needed organizing however shortly thereafter I had an fall which has been preventing me from getting this job done. It was getting to be very bothersome, as usually I’m somewhat organized. I decided to get 3 estimates and I chose Judy, Clutter Relief Services.

Judy has been my blessing in disguise, I honestly cannot tell you how grateful I am for her outstanding services. Together we accomplished so much, its literally a relief. I can rest and not feel so bothered by what awaits me. Judy’s estimate was very fair and reasonable, she was a pleasure to work with, given I have so many limitations. She was extremely helpful and kind.

I would give Judy a 10 out 10 for a job well done, above and beyond. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted.
Thank you Judy 

Lorraine, Binbrook

Readers Choice 2020 Winner for two categories! Organizational services and Senior services.


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